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Chilled Water

Chilled Water systems provide controlled, efficient and comfortable working environments. Water-chilled cooling and heating have been around since the 1970’s and can regularly be found in industrial and commercial environments.

They are particularly suitable for industrial applications where temperature control accuracy of + 0.5° is critical. They can offer significant energy savings when cooling large areas at once and are a highly functional and practical air conditioning solution.

Applications include:

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Hospitals

  • Data Centres

  • Universities

  • Industrial sites

  • High-end Residential

How they work:
Chilled Water Systems work by distributing chilled water to an air handling unit, the air is cooled, and warm water returns to the initial reservoir. Heat gets transferred from the air to the chilled water causing it to cool and dehumidify the air stream, ensuring efficient cooling of the atmosphere.

An additional bonus of using water-chilled systems is that the chiller only turns on when the water in the reservoir gets above a certain temperature, chillers are not directly connected to air handlers. This means that as long as that water is within a certain range, the chiller is not running but the air handlers are still able to cool the rooms.

Maskold’s highly skilled team can install or maintain your Chilled Water System to the highest possible standards. We can also provide bespoke system design that meets the needs and requirements of your industrial or commercial environment.

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